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Add new object to Diagram Type

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Add new object to Diagram Type

Dear All,


I am trying to add object to a diagram type i.e. Adding Functional Process to an "Org-Unit Organizational Chart". I followed steps in the manual by  going to DiagramTypeParam and add views and then the classes and relationships etc.. 

After finishing from all steps, the "Functional Process" is added successfuly in the "Org-Unit Organizational Chart" diagram, however, when I try to add new instance inside the diagram, I got the following error::

[Can't open cursor link Control System in Diagram : MasterMetaClass Control System expected instead of Diagram for the MetaAssociationEnd ("Diagram.Control System of Diagram") ]


Any idea on how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Add new object to Diagram Type



It look like a metamodel definition error.

Check if the MetaAssociationEnd configured are appropriate:

  • DiagramTypeDescribedLinkEnd (link for the connexion with described object)
  • DiagramTypeLinkEnd (link for the connection to the diagram)

-> check the configuration for another DiagramTypeObject in the same DiagramTypeParam



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Re: Add new object to Diagram Type

hi Jeronme,


At frist, thank you for your reply.

I used teh same configuration used in "Application Environment Diagram" to display Diagram object(Model) in "General Organizational Chart" as follows:

- in the properties of DiagramTypeParam of Application Environment:

- Connect the view "ACD AAD Models"

- Conncet the link "AAD Diagram Described-Application"

- Connect teh MetaClass "AAD Diagram"


It works, however, a message appears one time when opening the "General Organizational Chart" contains the following:

"Problem detected on DiagramTypeLink AAD Diagram Described-Application. Corresponding slave DiagramTypeObject not Found"..


If I create new diagram object inside the main diagram, i am able to use it for navigation. I am just concerned about the new error message. 





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Re: Add new object to Diagram Type

Do you have a diagramtypeobject for application connected to your diagramtypeparm?


you should indeed be concerned about this warning and try to fix it. You are just missing a connection between one of the diagramtypeobjects which make up the diagramtypelink and the diagramtypeparm I believe.