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Add column "Inherited object" in MetaPropertyPage Concepts

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Add column "Inherited object" in MetaPropertyPage Concepts



In tab Concepts of Business Process object, we can see a « Inherited object » column if option « Activation des Variations » is checked.


In order to customize columns to display in tab Concepts, we modified MetaPropertyPage Concepts as below :






Field3=Item(~WI(ov(ir7jK0[Contenant détenteur]),From(Subs)

Field4=Item(~5hKm(TjKH95S[Type abstrait du dictionnaire]),From(Subs)

Field5=Item(~lE)Ou7fDEjK0[SNCF - Point de création]),From(Subs)

Field6=Item(~lUKdOzfyAX90[SNCF - Point de mise à jour]),From(Subs) 

Field7=Item(~oVKdqzfyAzB0[SNCF - Point d'utilisation]),From(Subs)




We would like to add column « Inherited object » (« Objet hérité » in French) but we don’t know how to do.


We ran the script discribed in KB 5561 which lists MetaAttributes inherited or not of a MetaClasse. The MetaAttribute Inherited Object doesn’t appear in the list. Is « Inherited object » 


We thank you for advance for your help