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Add attributes to a descriptor generated link?

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Add attributes to a descriptor generated link?

In a descriptor I use the following:


[ComponentProperty="Short Name" Link/]


Which geenerates somehting like this:

<a href="5f54792e52172xyz.htm" target="_top">My Awesome Link</a>

Is there a way to add/remove attributes to the <a /> element?   For example, remove the "target" attribute and/or add the "class" attribute?

<a href="5f54792e52172xyz.htm" class="goodStuff">My Awesome Link</a>


Also, where can I find the in-depth documentation on what can be done within descriptors?  The online material is pretty basic.

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Re: Add attributes to a descriptor generated link?



I dont think you can do it on a general level, but you can always build the link your self in the descriptor


<a href="[ComponentProperty='HexID'/].htm" class="goodStuff">My Awesome Link</a> 

 So if you only need it for a few links, that would be the way.

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Re: Add attributes to a descriptor generated link?

Thanks, this was my back up plan.  In order to do what I wanted to do this way I'd need the ability to do a simple conditional logic.  For example, if my parent folder contains both External Reference as well as other Objects I could do something like this:


For External Reference:


[Component="Select [External Reference] Into @externalLinks Where [Folder of Favorites]='&Name' Keep @externalLinks"]
<a class="dropdown-item" href="
[Component="Select [Predefined Address] Where [Addressed External Reference]='&Name'"]
[ComponentProperty="Access path"/]
">[ComponentProperty="Short Name"/]</a>\n

For all other objects:


[Component="Select [Generic Object] Where [Folder of Favorites]='&Name' and Not in @externalLinks"]
<a class="dropdown-item" href="[Property="_HexaIdAbs"/].htm">[Property="Short Name"/]</a>\n


Is there a way to exclude the External References returned in the first query from the Generic Objects results in the second query?  

EDIT: I Was able to exclude using the below: 

And Not [Object MetaClass Name]="External reference"

If I could get this to work I'd just lose the sort by Order.....Another option is to only run the second [generic object] query but I dont thing the "[If]" is capability of performing more complex conditions such as If Object.Type=[External Reference] Do X.....Else Do Y.