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About Metaattribute Hint

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About Metaattribute Hint



Can I add a hint of the metaattribute fields for excel export?


when I shared application excel export for users, I need to show the attribute details & description.

How can I solve this request?


Demand is attached.




Thanks in advance.

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Re: About Metaattribute Hint

Hello Fatih


If I understand, you would like to change the behavior of the Excel export wizard.

You expect that in the result file, when a cell of the 1rst line is selected (ex: MetaAttribute Short name), the comment value associated to the metamodel element is displayed as an Excel comment.

This would provide help to the end user.


Excel export wizard is implemented in Java and cannot be customized

This is a possible improvement.

If you want to go further, open a case in the name of your customer so that we log an improvement request.

MEGA Partner

Re: About Metaattribute Hint

Thanks for your support.