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API Generate Website Issue

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API Generate Website Issue

Hi Community,

We are using V1R3. We are generating website through VBScript. When the script is executing, if some issue occurs and script execution stopped, we will restart the script for website generation it is executing in fraction of seconds. The GenerateWebsite function is doing nothing and the execution is proceeding with out saying anything.

Sub GenerateWebSite(sWebSiteTemplateId, sLanguage)
  myRoot.GetObjectFromId(sWebSiteTemplateId).GenerateWebSite   'This part is doing nothing
End Sub



This is happening form V1R3 version of Mega.


Thanks in advance for your help.





Colruyt Team
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Re: API Generate Website Issue

We have found the cause of the issue.


"The issue is GenerateWebsite API method is doing nothing while regenerating after abnormal end of script execution"


Reason: The website object is locked by some other user (Ex: ABC) in first execution where the execution stopped abnormally, and we are trying to re-generate the website with user XYZ. If the website object is locked by ABC user, and if we try to access the same object with user XYZ then the GenerateWebsite API method will do nothing.

Colruyt Team