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AD Link problems


AD Link problems

Hi, we migrate to MEGA V2 but we are getting some issues regard Active Directory authetication. 


We made the link of a user with his active directory account activating windows authentication mode but when the user try to loggin into MEGA a error is displayed and it said that the password is incorrect. 



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Re: AD Link problems



I'd be happy to provide you with assistance! This type of issue is probably best addressed with creating a case via the case mechanism on this community website but we can give it a try here Smiley Happy. Could you please provide me with feedback on the following questions:


1. What specific version of Hopex V2 are you attempting the user authentication change on?

2. What "Front-end" are you testing the login against... Web or Windows?

3. When you attempt to leverage "MEGA" authentication, are you successful with the login process in Web/Windows front-end?

4. When you set up a different user, does that user encounter the same behavior?