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users kicked out of Hopex - how can I close their session?


users kicked out of Hopex - how can I close their session?



I'm an apprentice admin on Hopex V4.

The users are often kicked out of Hopex and can't log back in, maybe due to homeworking and small network hiccups...


As they can't log back in, I tried to kill theirs sessions, I've found here on Mega Community an interesting topic :


But alas none of those tips worked for me! For the last helpful message, I had different PID numbers between the Hopex supervisor and the machine's task manager, so I didn't know which mgwspro process to kill.


As for the tip with the web link 'Hopex Monitoring', I do have the possibility to disconnect users, but disconnecting them... doesn't seems to disconnect them (I tested it with a colleague that was logged in)


Have any of you found another (and hopefully simplest) way to kill sessions?

And what about people in a session called 'multi'? Does it means that all of them are to be 'killed' if one encounters an issue? Because I suppose the difference between 'mono' and 'multi' is that some people share the same mgwspro process...?





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Well what usually works for us is we request our users to sign out before the end of work day, and after everybody is signed out we just kill all processes using the hopex server supervisor. 


Thanks! I think this works in some cases, but in some other cases where the users are loged out, sometimes I can't find corresponding PID, so I'm not sure deleting all processes will resolve their problem. I don't dare trying this, I'll wait for the next blocked user to try it!


I don't understand too, in the web admin app, 'Hopex Monitoring', what is the 'disconnect' on a user used for,  because it seems to do nothing.


Does it rings a bell to someone?


If you are not able to locate the PID in the supervisor tool, it is possible to locate the PID in the error log file megaerrXXXXYYZZ.txt

Restarting the HOPEX Processes and Services will also work, but of cause will kill all connections, this is the last step if nothing else works.