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XML file instead of database


XML file instead of database



It is probably simple, but I'm trying out what is the best way to represent the fact that an application generates an XML file on a network drive and not data in a database? 


I'm trying to reprsent the following: 


Application "A" generate an xml file on the network, then Application "B" reads the file. I can't find an object that makes sense to do this... 



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In our convention, we're using the "Message" concept in both cases and use an attribute to sort the "technology" used for transferring.


If end-users needs a hint about the nature, we may add  free shapes on the diagram (a group around the relevant messages and a small XML icon inside) to make it clear that some messages are transmitted by file transfer.


When the message is going through a middleware, we can represent it by two different messages in "technical view" : one AppA-->Middleware and one Middleware--> AppB. It's fine beacause "technologies" used in the two halves may be different.