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What is the best way to link "IT Server" with "Server (Deployed)"?

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What is the best way to link "IT Server" with "Server (Deployed)"?

What I understand is that "IT Server" is a logical component that can be used during design. Whereas "Server (Deployed)" is a physical component that can be defined once the system is implemented and deployed.


I can link IT Server with the Server using "Technical Architect" profile. IT Server property has "Deployment" tab where I can link a server. But the problem is

  1. Every time I have to create a new server. I can not link an existing server as the "connect" button is missing under the deployment tab of "IT server" property.

  2. The deployment tab is available only in thick client - the web client doesn't show the tab.


Hence I am wondering what is the best way to link IT server -> Server. Can you please help?


Also what is the lineage to trace Application -> Technology -> Server association?