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Visio importing in Mega

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Visio importing in Mega

Hello everybody,


we have a customer interested in Visio importing. Unfortunately, our Exchange standard documentation only describes - in an application point of view - in which way the user has to proceed to perform diagrams import by using a brief example transcoding table.


By chance, has any of you experience regarding this topic? Do you know a case history, or anything else (more comprehensive table, attention points, limitations, for example) that could help us?


Thanks a lot for your reply.


Desirée Perondi

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Re: Visio importing in Mega

I have been experimenting with the visio import in the past. The experienceI had is that it works fine when the visio's are having a clear structure and that you can uniquely map the shapes on the visio on something in MEGA. However visio is often used as a drawing tool and people just use whatever they think looks best to create the flow. In that case it is hard to get a good result out of it, especially the flows tend to get lost.


I know one client where they created a visio template which actually force the users to use a limited set of objects and they have good results with the imports.  


I have also tried to do some imports from visio organizational charts, In visio you can specify certain attributes on the shapes but those are also lost during import.



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Re: Visio importing in Mega


Do you have experience in mapping visio objects with Mega HOPEX? I try follow mega user manual, but fail since the list of masters and shapes are disappear.

Please help me.