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Text Format

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Text Format

Hi everyone


We are working on a interface to ServiceNow. We mapped a customized description metaattribute to the description attribute in ServiceNow. But the interface transfers a html code, so in the description of ServiceNow is html. This is the result in SNOW:



We want now to change the customized metaattribute in MEGA to a plain text and that it's not in html or RTF. 

Can we now just change the defauld MetaText Format to UTF8? 



How did you solve this "issue"?


Kind regards



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Hi there,

sorry for the late answer, but in case you did not go through this yet :

do not modify Default MetaText Format.

Explore your concerned metaClass and go in the "MetaAttribute" folder.

On your specific metaAttribute, "Right clic > Properties" (you really need to start from metaClass in your explorer and not directly on your metaAttribute : this metaAttribute could be linked to serveral metaClasses, some where it is rtf, others plain text...)

Once you're in your metaAttribute Properties (via the metaClass...), go in the "Advanced" tab (1), in the Metaclass section (2), and set the MetaText Format to "ANSI" (3).

Hope that helps 🙂




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hi lionel


Thank you for your response.

I did resolve the problem. I changed the format directly in the GraphQL Query:

Query {application{




I will keep your solution in mind.