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Still on about shape configuration


Still on about shape configuration

Hi all !

I'm back again with another question on shape configuration.

We want the link line to change colour depending on the value of a given attribut, ex. a message with a Protocol=HTTP should be a displayed as a thick red line, a message with a Protocol=JMS should be displayed as a thick green line.

When I look at the available message shapes, none of them display the actual line, just the bit containing the name.

Does anyone know how I can go about doing this ?

Thanks for you help, as I'm stuck and our users are waiting for this...


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Hi Aoife,


Yes indeed the segments are not managed via a mgs shape but managed via some properties on the DiagramTypeLinkStyle on a DiagramTypelink of a diagram type.
You can define  MASTER CONDITIONS on it (see the image attached), that is to say you have an access to the linked objects properties... 

In the ''Extensions'' tab ogf the DiagramTypeLinkStyle you manage the font of the draw.  





Lionel Mazurié

Thanks for the information. I'll test your solution today.

Best regards