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Service Catalogue

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Service Catalogue

Hello All,


I have process groups within my environment that are referred to as services and are located at the business process level.  I want to be able to link these services to a particular serviced customer (org-unit) and for each linked org-unit there is an agreed upon SLA. 


I am having difficulties at the SLA stage; I have created an metaassociation between the business process metaclass and the org-unit meta class.  This way I am able to connect the service customers to the service.  However, I am still unable to do the SLA.  The SLA is seperate metaclass as well. 


If I connect the SLA metaclass directly to the Business Process metaclass then I am limited the service group to just singular service level.  Whereas, a particular service can have multiple service level dependent on the customer.  If I create the SLA as an attribute in the org-unit metaclass, then I am saying the org-unit has SLA but not connected to a particular service. 


I have been trying to figure out a solution, but I am not making progress. 


I will appreciate any help that is offered in order to complete this. 





PS. beginner at metamodeling, understand the concepts but code goves over my head.

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Re: Service Catalogue

Hello Irfan,


MetaAttributes can be on MetaClasses or MetaAssociations.

In this case, I suggest a MetaAttribute on the MetaAssociation between your service (busines process) and your serviced customers (org-units). 

MEGA already has this approach in standard for RACI information (link attributes like IT owner, application owner, process owner...). 

I'm currently working on a project where we have a similar situation to describe services, and service levels for serviced customers.