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Resource Architecture or Technical Infrastructure


Resource Architecture or Technical Infrastructure



Assume I have an application and I want to model its physical components, eg:

- Appserver has OS Windows XP, Tomcat 7

- Database server has Exadata, mySQL


I can use Resource Architecture to describe each component/subcomponent through Artifact, or use Technical Infrastructure to do it through Server, Database, etc. Which aprroach would be more suitable? Thanks


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Re: Resource Architecture or Technical Infrastructure

Hi linhbui


Personaly I think these kind of elements are belonging to the applicative layer of an EA framework, not the technical one. Why ? Because having theses informations are linked with asset management, Software compliance and Governance rules (Open source versus Legacy systems ...)

So I am using the objet resource architecture / artifact too with high level object MySQL/Oracle/tomcat etc.   without version

These resources belongs to libraries a kind of reference for Governance.

In a IT City plan I have created a Governance City plan with zones and proposed solutions with criteria / constraints.


Lionel Mazurié