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Requirements Management and Traceability in MEGA?

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Requirements Management and Traceability in MEGA?

What are the requirements capture/management facilities in MEGA? The data sheet available on this page: mentions "Requirements Capture" but looking at the MEGA UML documentation I do not see any special facility for "requirements".


Is this just a general statement about using standard UML diagrams for capturing requirements?


I am coming from the world of using Sparx EA, and in that tool "Requirements" are first class model elements that can contain simple textual statements (such as the usual "The system must..."), which can then be linked or related to any other model element, such as a Use Case as a way of perfoming traceability etc.


How would something similar be done using any of the many MEGA modules?

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Re: Requirements Management and Traceability in MEGA?

OK I spoke a little too soon...


I have access to a test MEGA environment and I do see there a first class element called Requirement, with the ability to associate with just about every other model element.


Maybe someone can point me to some MEGA documentation that would illustrate the use of this element? Thanks.