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Renamings from TOGAF 9 to TOGAF 9.1

Occasional Contributor

Renamings from TOGAF 9 to TOGAF 9.1

Hello MEGA Community,


With the introduction TOGAF 9.1 a couple of artefacts (e.g. certain matrices and diagrams) have been renamed. My question is when we can expect that these renamings will find their way into the MEGA for TOGAF module.



Philip Peters

(Detecon International)

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New Member

We just starting to use this module but renamings are also necessary.

Occasional Contributor

Actually we have no short term plans for renaming concepts to follow TOGAF 9.1. You may customize your own MEGA MetaModel with standard Studio tools if you really wish to comply so closely.

We feel that the real value, apart from names, is to provide our core EA Model, for a long-time consistent modeling project, with the ad-hoc TOGAF methodological support.

We have plans for future versions (in 2013) to support multiple end-user names for a same meta-model concept, since some of them may have different user views in different contexts. This will be applyable for TOGAF renaming if needed.