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Process Support Map

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Process Support Map

Does anyone have experience with making the process support map report work with HOPEX V1r2 CP1 ? If so help in setting up the parameters correctly to actually see a report would be most welcome. 

I have done the following:

1) Created a system used for an organizational process and added an application to the system used

2) Added an Org unit for the Organizational process with responsibility (R)

3) Ran the report for the Organizational process


I expected to see the org process in the column, the Org unit in the row and the Application from the system used in the cell. However i see only a message saying: The following objects have no relationship with the row items:

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Re: Process Support Map



If I remember correctly, you have to create the link between the System Used and an Operation inside your Organizational Process.


It dosnt work with multiple levels of Org. Process, eg. if you place a sub-process inside the org process.

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Re: Process Support Map

Thanks, yes that helps. also we need to manually add the Org Unit in the report parameters to make it work.