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Modelling Service operations as sub-services

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Modelling Service operations as sub-services

A lot of the applications I have are merely a collection of services.  Each service contains a number of service operations.  In the application tree diagram, I can draw the relationships linking services to applications, but also creating the operations as service entities themselves and linking them to the containing service.  This serves my purposes well, as in the System process diagrams, I can use the IT Service call to pinpoint down to the individual operations, which helps impact analysis when schemas change, etc.

When I look at the properties of the service, the linked "operation" services also appear as "sub-services".

All well and good, but I would also like to report or export the list of applications, linked services, and linked service operations into an excel spreadsheet.   I have no clue how to explore the relationship between services and sub-services in the meta-model.

Has anyone modeled services and operations this way?  How do I specify a report or extract to list these in excel as "application, service, service operation" columns?

Thanks in advance.  :-)



Re: Modelling Service operations as sub-services




If you´re using a System Process to model this links, you can see the relationship (showed in picture1) from an Application with an IT Service, and the relationship of that IT Service with the Task called on the System Process.




Then you can create an excel template with those relationships: Application with the IT Services, and on another worksheet the It Services vs the Tasks (picture2).



Once you create the excel template, you can export the exact information you want.