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Modeling Roles versus Organizational structure

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Modeling Roles versus Organizational structure



We are answering a proposal from a possible client.

They are interested in modeling their processes and simulation, so we are presenting MEGA Process BPMN and the Simulation components.


One of the concerns that was raised during the RFP was that the they wanted to model a mix of their roles and their Organizational structure.

The scenario is as follows:


In a Process (Process_A) we have a participant that does some tasks.

In that process, the participant would have a role called Controller.

But in terms of all the processes the Controller role can be done by the Operations Department or by the Marketing Department.

What would you recommend to model this correctly?



On one hand the Controller role would be a perfect match for an Org-Unit of type function.

But that would not relate it directly with the Organizational structure.

I suppose we could decompose the Controller Org-unit with two sub-org-units (Operations Department and Marketing Department).

But then you loose some flexibility, for instance to model that in a given process the role is implemented only by one of the Org-Units and not by both.


On the other hand they expressed the desire to model not the role, but some part of the Organizational structure having a specific role in a specific process.

So they would like not to model the Controller role itself, but rather say that in Process_A the Operations Department has the role of Controller, but in a Process_B the same  Operations Department would have a role of Evaluator.

And in in a Process_C role of Controller is done by the Marketing Department Org-unit.



For this case I though about using the Org-Unit and using the "conditioning" property in the Participant assignment, trying to say that  Operations Department has a role of  Controller in one process, and a role of Evaluator in another process.

What would you recommend to model this?



They are mainly concerned with the correct modeling of this in terms of maintainability of the models.

If the organizational structure changes a bit, they want to avoid trying to manually update dozens or hundreds of processes.


Another concern is how will this impact the reports that come out-of-the-box and the simulation module?