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Mega Web Service API Best Practices / Success Stories?


Mega Web Service API Best Practices / Success Stories?

I'm interested in hearing from any folks that may have implemented any automated integration with their Mega solution, via the web service APIs.


In particular, any success stories that involved two-way integration with CMDB or Finance systems.


What were some of the lessons-learned, limitations you ran into?


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I am interested too. Thanks.
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I am also interested in an example of how to use Mega web services to retreive a list of applications that exist Mega repository


ilvetz@ilvetz @jmkhalaf - It is my understanding, after conversations with the Mega Professional Services staff - that the type of Web Service Integration APIs I assumed existed - do not. Therefore, it would seem that we are left with two options: 

1) Rely on manual import/export of the objects you wish to integrate with other systems
2) Invest in developing your own Web Service APIs via the SDK
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Personal Motto: "Have Passport, Will Travel"
Company Motto: "Accelerate - Innovate - Elevate"



For the question of : Can we export a list of Apps from MEGA from a webservice, it is possible to create a Report DataSet embedding all the data from the applications. And then we provide a standard webservice out-of-the-box to export this list into a JSON file.


I hope that helps 🙂




I found the  the following in the documentation (Power Studio):

Synchronous method
As for the Import web service, you can call the Export web service synchronously.
Server is the server url
Env_id is the environment id
Repo_id is the repository id
Prof_id is the profile id
However I am not sure what is the prof_id as I tried many profile **** with no luck.
Also I wish you can provide an example that illustrate how to use the method outlined above without having to produce a report and then exporting the report dataset.
Moreover this should be basice resfull services as per this extract from V2R1 platform and shared Services - what's new document

Web Service Factory

The Web Service Factory (WSF) is a framework for creating efficient, industrialized REST web services easily and quickly. It provides a strong foundation for building web services for either providing data to external systems or retrieving data from external sources. The WSF automatically includes security, logging, auto-documentation and many other components for allowing developers to concentrate on business value instead of technical issues. This assures high developer productivity with high quality implementations, since developers can directly connect to the internal HOPEX APIs via C#




i have the same question on profile id, i am trying to use web service api and very lack of documation or example