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Mega Consultants Required

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Mega Consultants Required


We are a sustained growth IT service provider company in the middle-east region. And we are looking to further expand in the market, Request you kindly to provide us with the information about your capability to provision of the following consultants to engage in a project with us.

·         Mega Technical Consultant

o   Ability to perform installation and maintenance operations for the following modules of the MEGA Suite

§  General Feature

§  MEGA Publisher

§  MEGA Studio

§  MEGA Supervisor

§  MEGA Exchange

§  MEGA Architecture

§  MEGA Process BPMN

§  MEGA Teamwork

§  MEGA Control and Risk and Audit

§  MEGA Advisor   MEGA Anywhere

§  MEGA Application Portfolio Management

§  MEGA Business Strategy

o   Provide a plan for all post-deployment activities of the MEGA Suite

o   Ability to deliver on-site training seminars for team.


·         Mega functional Consultant

o   Carry out all modeling work for the business process and captured requirements using the appropriate mega module

o   Perform all consulting services

o   Generate all required reports and perform any customization as needed

o   Provide one-on-one assistance to members of the architecture team needing help, advice, direction, etc.


·         Mega GRC Consultant


  • Review existing GRC References
  • Define a GRC framework
  • Conduct GRC Framework Awareness Session
  • Configure GRC tool
  • Conduct GRC tool training
  • Document the current GRC operation
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Re: Mega Consultants Required



I kindly invite you to send your request to our Professional service director Jêrôme Noel for further infotrmation (