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List of Applications Report - Adding and removing columns from standard reports.

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List of Applications Report - Adding and removing columns from standard reports.

Is there a facility for users to add and remove columns (the attributes and related objects) which appear on the List of Applications report (and others, more generally)?


I can see that Hopex Studio gives the full facility to create reports but is there a 'lighter' method which is available outside that?


Many thanks


Mike (A new Mega User)

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Is there any specific standard report you are talking about, like for example some reports are macro based so you can edit the script to show less columns and some are java component macro based, which is a little bit more difficult. Or you can create your own chapter similar to the one already present and have less columns in it. or if you have a little bit more time just export the report in excel and remove the unnessary columns before presenting.





Thank you Imran.  I was looking at the List of Applications Report - is there a way that the ordinary ITPM user can add say the Application Description via the UI without having to use Studio or edit scripts?



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To my knowledge no.

Thank you Imran - I'll concentrate on understanding how the Report Studio works.  Thanks for replying.  Mike

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if  you need help in scripting let me know happy to help.


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You can hide and unhide the standard attributes as and when required via the columns feature as shown in the screenshot below.

In case you want to add furthermore attributes in list then they will have to be coded in the lists view.


Hope this helps.



PS: Note that the attached screenshot is for V2 but it works in a similar way for V1.