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Infrastructure utility products / services in Mega?

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Infrastructure utility products / services in Mega?

Representation of Infrastructure utility services in Mega?


We are looking for guidance as to how best we can represent infrastructure utility services (e.g, email, mainframe LPARS, Web Application Server pools) in Mega. These are products which our infrastructure utility offers.


At this time, we are one year into the adoption of Mega ITPM. We wish to expand the coverage of our application, services and infrastructure ecosystem in Mega. We have a separate CMDB product – ServiceNow. We would like to link Mega Deployments with the CMDB. The question we have, to what MetaClasses do we associate non-application deployments?


Thoughts? Or can anyone suggest some reading…



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Re: Infrastructure utility products / services in Mega?

MEGA Process BPMN supports this kind of service through the creation of a Business Process diagram that represents the enterprise's IT Service Management (ITSM) business process. 


IT Services (as defined by ITIL and IF4IT) would be represented as "Offerings" on such diagrams.


You would probably start with a highest level business process called, say "Enterprise X ITSM." You could then decompose that process into sub processes based on an IT Services Taxonomy. An example of a service in such a taxonomy could be "Messaging."


Having created the Messaging sub-business process, you would probably have an eMail offering as an output to let's say an Employee.


Logical functions like Create, Monitor, Suspend eMail Account can be represented with combination of Functional, Organizational and System Processes. 


In the Organnization and System Processes, you can represent the eMail app itself. Perhaps it is best to use a neutral system name instead of Outlook, Gmail, etc. 


While we're on the subject, if you wanted to represent SOA services provided by the eMail app, you can use the MEGA IT Service object. However, per the above, that service is a unit of software modularity. It isn't the kind of service you asked about in your query, which is a business-of-IT service.


Regarding linkage to the CMDB, you would likely link to the eMail app. Linkage at the business process level is typicaly done using Business Service Managment (BSM) applications.


To accomplish this, integrations between MEGA and both the CMDB and BSM applications would need to be built.