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Importing BPMN models into Mega (HOPEX)


Importing BPMN models into Mega (HOPEX)

We are trying to import some models from another tool that is based on Software AG/Aris. I see the option in Mega to export .bpmn files, but I don't see the option to import .bpmn files. (not that exporting .bpmn works that well - I just did a quick test and got a long error message). But the main thing I am trying to do is import some models - wondering if that should be possible.

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I have same problem, What is the solution details?


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Which version are you using? In newer versions of MEGA (HOPEX V1R2 Cp14 and HOPEX V2) there is both Import and Export of BPMN models.

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My version hopex v2

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In addition, 

mega options screen attached.