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ITPM Retired Applications and what to do with them

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ITPM Retired Applications and what to do with them

What is best practice to deal with retired applications? Is it

a) Delete them from the MEGA repository (not what I want to do)

b) Move them to a 'retired' library

c) Keep them in the current library but always exclude them when reporting on the current application estate. If this is the case how can you exclude them as the where clause not [current state] = 'Retired' does not return the required result set.

This issue must exist in all ITPM sites and I would be interested to hear how other deal with this issue. Our environment is a Web Front end hosted solution so we cannot use templates or scripts, they are not available as a hosted solution as I understand it.

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We have the same question on this topic. Your post was from 6 months ago, but no replies. What did you end up doing?


I had been struggling with the same issue. You are bringing a good idea, move them to a Retired Library. However, that would not remove them from the All Applications view. Keep in mind that All Applications intends to show ALL applications that exists, existed or are going to exist in your lT landscape. I would not delete them; I think a better idea is creating an Application Portfolio named "Production Applications." Even when a Portfolio is not merely a grouping tool you can use it that way.  I understand that it might bring some overhead by keeping it updated, I think it is a right toll gate to perform a Pre Go-Live review and verify conformance of the Application to be deployed. 

We got informed of the [current status] values to include in all our ERQL so we now use the below

and [current state] = "3dVhbTTT9j12"

/* [current state] ="dbVhqTTT91B2" - Retirement */
/* [current state] ="3dVhbTTT9j12" - Production */
/* [current state]= "UWdnwdirIftU" - Retired */
/* [current state]= "0ZdnddirIDpT" - Scheduled */