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How to model security zones?

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How to model security zones?

I am in discussion with Mega about this topic, and interested in users approaches too. How have you modelled security zones within your estate? For example if you have servers in a DMZ and some on an internal network, what Mega construct have you used? Diagrammatically the site object would seem to work nicely although I assume that is intended for geographical site, rather than logical site.Has anyone tried this or done something different?


The kind of use I would like to put this to would be for example in conjunction with communication channels to run a report to identify communications that cross security boundaries (and hence need firewall rules).

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Re: How to model security zones?

I have done this in the past with Artifacts. Created the DMZ as an artifact (a variant of the Network Artifact). You can then connect your channels and interactions to the DMZ. You can even have a DMZ connected with channels that are ten connected to other Resource Architectures which you detail further.

Another way is to model the DMZ as a Resource Architecture diagram with channels and ports etc.

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Re: How to model security zones?

We use  site (or when archimate location) for this.