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How to model products with applications (agile context)


How to model products with applications (agile context)

In the context of our agile transformation, we define products to which we assign applications. Some attributes like product owner should be put on the product.

What is a good approach to model this in HOPEX?

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I am certainly not yet an expert with Mega - but I have a few thoughts that may be useful to follow-up with in discussions with your Mega Professional Services implementation contacts:

If you will only ever have one Product Owner for a Product - you could leverage the Property feature in the Social Collaboration - but this would require adherence to a consistent naming convention - and would only be enforced by attention-to-detail. But, it would avoid any need to customize/extend the meta model for your implementation.
Or, If you have access to (and are comfortable using) the Admin Tool, you could make a minor meta model change to include a custom field on the Product object

If you will potentially need to support [n] associations of Product Owners, I suspect you may  be better served by modifying your Product object in the meta model to include the ability to associate a Responsibility (similar to what is available for Application). - assuming that this is not already provided in the Product object definition in your implementation.



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It depends on how you define your products/services. One way would be to create a Business Process for each product. On a Business Process there is an Owner, and the ability to link the Applications that is related to the Business Process. It also comes downd to in which solution you are trying to achive this (BPA, ITPM, **** ?)