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How to merge two value streams


How to merge two value streams

We are following the recommendation to use duplication rather than variants for changing our value stream models.  I have been trying out the merge functionality to update the original from a duplicate value stream and have come to the conclusion that the merge function only works for individual, bottom level elements and is not able to update diagrams and sub elements as part of a merge.  Am I correct in coming to this conclusion and is there any other way to acheive the merge rather than manually deleting the old master and replacing it with the duplicate.



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Duplicate and merge are not symetrical functions. The duplication involves propagation behaving in a defined way (i.e 'component' objects are duplicated also, 'referenced' objects are linked), whereas the merge is atomic for one object. You may choose which link to keep when needed, but there is not propagation. In particular, there is no consolidation mechanism as there is with variation/version.