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How to manage persons groups and profiles


How to manage persons groups and profiles

Hi Community,


This is quite a vast subject, how to manage persons groups and profiles.


I tried different things, and each time I'm stuck, I need your help! Here is my problem.

Example: I have two repositories, One and Two.

I have two users, A and B, that need the profile Strategic Planning in repo One;

two users, C and D, that need the profile Strategic Planning in repo Two;

two users, E and F, that need the profile Data architect in repo One;


Historically, I already have a "team" (aka a person group) per repository, with a looot of profiles in it, which is not good because anyone in the team have access  to a loooot of profiles.


So I tried to create a second team, on repo One, with only the strategic profile in it, and added users A and B in it.

(and another person group in the same repo' but with only the profile Data Archi, for users D and E, and another in the repo' Two with only strategic for users C and D...)

But user A tried it, he has the same view as usual, but when for example he tried to create a business capability, the button did nothing, he can't create anything !


I suppose it's because I have two persons groups pointing at the same repo ? But isn't that weird that it doesn't work ?


So the second thing I tried, which is a hassle, is giving the profile directly to the user (person-system), on the repo he needs. They can find the profile in "my assignments" when they log in. But samewise, they don't have as many interactions with the Strategic in "my assignements" compared to the one in the repository's team with all the roles.


I tried it on myself but it worked great, so I suppose it depends for each user ? But how can I guess on which user it will work, and on which it won't ? 


(all the users are declared samewise in my Hopex)


On your side, how do you manage the users that need the same profile in the same repo, compared to those that need access to another repo, or that needs a different role?


Thanks in advance,



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