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How to Model Application Flow


How to Model Application Flow

Hi! I would like to model the following sequence:


1) User Clicks a button on the UI of Application A.  

2) Information X from Application A is sent to Application B.

3) Every 24 hours, Information X is sent from Application B to Application C.


Can somone please reccomend a set of MEGA entities, diagrams etc... that can be used to model this?




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There are a couple of approaches that you might consider (these assume you have access to the Enterprise Architect profile - and UML is included in your Licensing):


a) Model the interactions via an Activity Diagram (UML2) 

- or - 

b) Model the interactions as an Interaction Overview Diagram

- or - 

c) Model the interactions as a Sequence Diagram (UML2) - in which case, you might have the following:

   Lifeline #1: User (who interacts with UI of Application A), which performs an action/ sends a message (i.e. "click")

   Lifeline #2: Application A, which then sends a message to Application B

   Lifeline #3: Application B

   Lifeline #4: Job Scheduler - which has a fragment that has a pre-condition of being scheduled every 24 hours, which performans an action / sends a message to "Start" a Scheduled Job
   Lifeline #5: Scheduled Job, READS from Application B - WRITES to Application C

   Lifecline #6: Application C

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