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How do I add a column 'Tag' in the search result? (Hopex V4)


How do I add a column 'Tag' in the search result? (Hopex V4)



I have another newbie question... If I do a search on a specific object type, let's say, value streams...

I have only 'local name', 'name', and ID:



But I need to have a column 'Tag', so I'll be able to filter on the tags... So, if I click on the hidden arrow, and click on 'more' columns...



... in the list of objects that can be added as columns, I don't see the tags!



Is there another way to add a column 'tag'? Can you please describe how to do it?


Thanks a lot,



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in a listview, the only things you can display are metaAttributes or metaAssociations with a cardmax to 1. Therefore, there is no way to display a "tag" column since there can be many tags linked to one object. 

The only way I see to have this work would be to create a calculated metaAttribute that would display the concatenation of all tags linked to the object (with any separators you want) : the column with that new metaAttribute would then be available, and you could filter according to tags (well, only with ONE specific tag as if you want to filter objects linked to more than one tag, it would not be possible except if the two tags are "together" in the concatenation string).

And to do this, you need a bit of skill in metamodel modifications.

Another solution would be to create your own query that would look like "Select <myObject> Where Tag = &Tag". Users would then have to go in the main menu and select "Advance search" to access this new query.

Hope that helps.


Thanks ! It's a pity there isn't a simplest way, but, well, the query seems the better way...