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Handling AS-IS and TO-BE processes

Occasional Contributor

Handling AS-IS and TO-BE processes

Hi All,


Do you have any advice/ experience regarding handling AS-IS and TO-BE processes in MEGA?


One of our client needs this feature to handle a flood of AS-IS and TO-BE processes due to regulation change impact. They are currently using the technique with two Organizational Process Diagram under one Organizational Process object. The TO-BE diagram is duplicated from the AS-IS.


Appreciate your feedback!



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Re: Handling AS-IS and TO-BE processes

Hi Nina,


Your question is very intesting.

I'm also trying to invest this question but for Application architecture.

As I know rather than duplication the variation of object is to be used.

The variation of object is kind of inherited process.

So the attributes, diagrams are inherited.

This is very new for me and like you I would appreciate some concret experiences , best practices, tutorials on the topic.

I hope MEGA community will help.



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Re: Handling AS-IS and TO-BE processes

I am interested too. Thanks.