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Generation Website error

New Contributor

Generation Website error

Hi guys,


I’ve one error that I can’t resolve.


We have MEGA HOPEX system, and I’ve done a few configurations on that. I use generate website to show our repository information for other people on the firm, but in this site, they show “Solman” separator. I was wondering to delete that, so I went to Hopex app in Windows and deleted Solman folder, like the figure " Delete Solman folder " shows - in attachment.

In this case is “EA_DASHBOARD”, but I’ve done this to “Solman” folder.


Then when I use the generator website again, they show me an error that I can't solve " Utilities Regulation - Solman " picture on attachment.

Can you help ?


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New Contributor

Re: Generation Website error

MEGA Partner

Re: Generation Website error

Did you right click on the descriptor and select Delete ? If you - you cant do that. You have to go to the Objects tab and ot the page tab in the web site properties and delete it from here. Otherwise you will get the error.