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Export excel

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Export excel

i'm french ,I'm french, then please excuse-me my bad English!

I would like to explore the date of Excel through Mega by the help of a macro Mega. But I cannot find the functions that can access the data of Excel (the value inside the cell and sheet of Excel)

Could you please give me some advices?



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Re: Export excel

If you need to do an Excel macro, classic VBA works in Excel. Google is your friend for help in VB code.

Example: The following code puts the value "toto" into the cell on column 1, row 1.

Cells(1, 1) = "toto"

You can use variables to advance through the file

Cells(i,j) = value


Values can be attained from MEGA by connecting to MEGA and using MEGA VB functions (GetCollection for concepts and links and GetSelection for queries, GetProp to attain the value of a property, etc.)

The Exchange documentation is critical and the training is helpful. MEGA Product Consultants are comfortable with code such as VB and are trained in specifics of MEGA VB operations.


In the macro in the Excel spreadsheet, you must reference in your project the "Mega application automation components" libary (to access Mega VB functions). This file is called "mg_mapp.dll" and it is located in the "System" folder of the MEGA installation.


If you have the Exchange module (XCH licence), you have access to the Excel editor that allows to create, update, export and import objects and their properties (but not links). This allows to not have to develop a specific tool for your export.

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