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EAM: how can I use 'Standard' for technology Managment

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EAM: how can I use 'Standard' for technology Managment

We use MEGA modelling suite with the products ‘Architecture’ and ‘Portfolio & Planing’ for Enterprise Architecture Management. For technology management we want to define our technological standards and connect them with our applications in two ways:

  • ‚application using standard‘ documents, which application uses which technological standards
  • ‘standard is based upon application’ documents which infrastructure software (system application) is the base for a technological standard; i.g. if we define a standard ‘database oracle’ the DBMS ‘oracle 11g’ is the actual base for this standard


To the functionality of Architecture and Portfolio & Planing belongs also the metaclass ‘Standard’, which fits our requirements optimally. Unfortunatly I can only define and plan the lifecycle of ‚standards‘, but I cannot connect them to applications !?


Can anyone tel me:

  • what can I (must I) do, to connect objects of the metaclass ‘Standard’ to  applications ?
  • what is the actual use (benefit) of the metaclass ‘Standard’ without connecting it  to applications ?

what other concepts of MEGA could i use to implement our need for technology management ?

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The Standard concept has been introduced in MEGA Repository to be compliant with NAF/DODAF Frameworks where it is described. The target of Standard it to define all standards that are subjects to approval by an external instance such as : USB, http, hdmi, XML,…

It is not included in our Architecture product, nor in our Portfolio and Planning Product. You may see it in Portfolio and Planning as you may see any “plannable” object to be able to project it over time. But Portfolio and Planning does not give you any design or definition capability for objects you plan.

The IT Planning part of the Portfolio and Planning documentation may have mislead you because one of the examples taken to explain how to draw and compare Master Plans is based on… Standard concept.

If you want to describe the technologies underpinning your applications using MEGA Architecture, the best way is to use Artifact with Required Artifact link to application to define it.


We regret if the example has led to misinterpretations. To prevent further misunderstandings in the future, the  IT Planning Guide will be modified accordingly in the MEGA 2009 SP5 CP8


Your documentation team.