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Diagram objects

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Diagram objects

Is there a way to find a diagram type that includes all the objects you'd like to include on the diagram without going to each diagram and using the "eye"?

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I dare say no because a diagram is thought and not just a simple graphic, a diagram is attached to one logical layer from the common Enterprise Architecture discipline then it is made of objects dedicated to this perimeter and sometimes related ones.


By the MEGA STUDIO you can customize an existing Diagram type in order to avoid to use the "eye command" or even create a new one in order to put all your required metaclasses but it is not easy from scratch ...


Please see:    => page 97


Lionel Mazurié
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Thank you for responding, Lionel.

Actually, someone at work gave me this query to run which does what I was looking for substituting in the metaclasses I want to put on the diagram. I believe you have to be in admin mode to run this query though.


Select [MetaClass] Into @Class1 Where [Name] = &"1. MetaClass Name"

Select [MetaClass] Into @Class2 Where [Name] = &"2. MetaClass Name"

Select [MetaClass] Into @Class3 Where [Name] = &"3. MetaClass Name"

Select [DiagramType] Where (([DiagramTypeParam].[DiagramTypeObject].[MetaClass] in @Class1) And

   ([DiagramTypeParam].[DiagramTypeObject].[MetaClass] in @Class2) And

   ([DiagramTypeParam].[DiagramTypeObject].[MetaClass] in @Class3))



I came here for other purposes today and noticed this thread. Thanks for the share, it will save time for future for sure!