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Database vs Application links


Database vs Application links



I'm a new Mega user and I have the following question about linking database to applications. There are 3 types of database links that I see in "complements" tab of the application properties:


  • Consulted-Database
  • Database
  • Updated-Database

Question 1: How are those 3 typically used? I mean, I get the point about the consulted and updated ones, but what's left for the "Database" one?


Question 2: Also, in which diagram should the database be linked and displayed witht he application? I was heading for the "Application Internal Architecture Diagram", is it a good way of doing it?


Question 3: Do you put links in both directions (updated and consulted) all the time? Or if you consider that if a database is updated, it is implicitly read also?


Thanks in advance for your input, Simon 

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Re: Database vs Application links



Consulted and Updated-Database is from the Technical Infrastructure diagram and is used to show if an Application is reading and/or upating a database


The last Database link I believe is just a link