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DIAGRAM: Applications and city plan representation


DIAGRAM: Applications and city plan representation

Hi all,



I have City plan object definition with sketched diagram representing Domain, Block, Zone and functions.

I have Applications objects that are linked to the City plan zones as per "City ^planning" tab.



I would like to reprensent the graphical mapping between Applications and City plan zones. Do you have any suggestions? As for now I face issues like wqhen I drag/drop Applications in the city plan then it draws links between application and city plan zones. This is not the representation I'm looking for.


Do you have any experience?


Thank you for your answers.




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Hi svanrechem,


In order to help you could you give us further details: will it be based on a color, a symbol ? why draw links are disturbing you because they are hidden when the application is placed on the associated area ... do not hesitate to give us a screen grab.





Lionel Mazurié



Please find attached a diagram snapshot. In the present case I only have added 1 application but you can imagine when the whole asset will be in.


I could choose to add the application inside their functional zone but is there another way.


Moreover the same city plan is used by many entities. What is your advice to represent several city plan for each entity?


Thank you for your proposal.






I've just looked at your sample diagram. This is a direct result of MEGA not being able to lie. By that I mean that if it has an association to an object on a diagram that it can show on a diagram then it will. What you need to do is drag that Application on the appropriate number of times and then hide (using the Hide tool on the Edit Toolbar - the one that looks like a pair of opera glasses) the links you don't want to be able to see.


Tell me, are these Applications "Hosted" or "Criteria"? If they're Criteria then there is an excellent Analysis Report called "City plan Hierarchy" that will show you the hierarchy of City Planning Zones and then the associated Criteria, meaning you're less likely to need a diagram.


I hope that helps,



MEGA UK Senior Consultant

Enterprise Architect



We a are currently using Mega 2009 SP5 patch 7. Is the report "city plan hiearchy" available at this version?

Considering applications "Hosted" or "Criteria" I'm sorry I don't understand those categories. Can you tell me more?

Besides in my previous post I was asking about the reprensentation in the same "city plan" of several application assets belonging to several entities. How can you do it in the more efficient maner?


Thank you for your answers/guidances on each of these topics.




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I cant answer all your questions, but hopefully one part:


Hosted vs Criteria: They are slightly odd terms and IMHO hosted is overloaded as a term in Mega, but the hosting relationship is used to indicate that the hosted element is a member of the category represented by the city planning area.


The criteria relationship is used to indicate characteristics expected of items hosted in the area. It allows for example an analysis of how well items in a category meet the requirements or criteria for that category.



Allright thank you for your reply. So in my case it is definitely "Hosted". My applications are hosted into functional zones.

But what I'm concerned with is MEGA diagraming representation capability when you have to use the same city plan for several entities.

Is there a way to generate a city plan "water mark" that you can duplicate for each entities (i.e. site)?


Thank you for your answer.