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Creating new shape - Different behavior on Web vs Thick Client


Creating new shape - Different behavior on Web vs Thick Client



I have created a new shape based on another existing shape. I replaced the image in the shape by a new imported image from a png file. When using the new mgs created in the thick client, I'm able to see the shape from the "pick and chose" windows of "Shapes and detail" menu (see images attached). But, when using the Web client, the thumbnail is not displayed, so the user does not now what he is picking from the screen. 


How can I make the thumbnail work in the Web client when displaying the Shape and Detail window? 




Here are more information on how I proceeded.


- I started by making a copy of shape "work.mgs" into the Mega_usr directory on the server and renamed it work_barcodescanner.mgs

- I created a png file of the image I wanted to use and I put it the same Mega_usr directory.

- I edited the new shape by deleting the previous image in the mgs file and inserting the new png image into the same mgs file and saved. (see "Shape Editor.png" image attached)

- Translated and compiled everything

- The result works well in the Thick Client (thumbnail and in diagram) but the web client does not display the thumbnail (the diagram displays it fine). See "Shape and details.png" files)

- I tried creating a MetaPicture including an .ico version of the same image. I linked the meta picture to the 3 std_file work_barcodescanner.mgs and work_barcodescanner.ico, but that did not help either.


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I can tell you how to fix it but not why it happens really.


Instead of adding the picture after creating the shape try File->Open and choose the image file from there.



That worked for me at least Smiley Happy





Hi ki6i,


It actually worked! Thanks for the tip!