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Configuration shape calculation


Configuration shape calculation


I have a question concerning the configuration of shape calculation in diagrammes.

I want to modify the DiagramTypeObject SHARED City Planning Area to display different shapes according to the name of the Zone.

My problem is that the name or short name attribut is free text and doesn't have al iste of predefined internal values.

How do I go about solving this ?

Thanks for your answers.


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Hello Aoife,


I had the same problem as you have, and I must admit that the interface lacks "smoothness" when considering an attribute with no Enumeration list (which means with no internal values)

What you have to do, when you are in the properties of the MetaPicture of you DiagramTypeObject, is to create a new condition on the short name attribute (or any other attribut with no internal values) and then :

- choose "&ThisObject" for the Value

- Double click a first time on "&ThisObject" --> nothing seems to happen

- Double click a second time on "&ThisObject" --> the field becomes empty

- Simple click on the "empty" field --> you are now able to type whatever you want (see below picture)


I know it is a strange operating mode, but it works 🙂


Note that you cannot enter a pattern such as "test#".

Therefore, only objects which match exactly the entered short name will be taken into account.


Nevertheless, you can create a registered query such as :

Select [City Planning Area] Where [Name] &name And [Short Name] Like "test#"


to take into account every City Planning Area whose short name begins with "test".

Then, you can define a condition with Type = Query and Value = OneObject or AnyObject.






Great, thanks a million - I'd given up hope !

I'll test this out tomorrow.

Best regards



Hi again !

I've tried putting in place your solution and I’m obviously doing something wrong.

I want to type my shapes according to their City Planning level (Zone / Quartier / Bloc) and the Zone they are attached to, which gives me 33 shapes (11 zones by three levels)  !

For each combination I created a query, example  for the three levels of the Exchange Zone:

  • CALF Zone EXCH

Select [Zone d'urbanisme] Where [Niveau d'urbanisme] = "Zone" And [Nom court] Like "Z-EXCH#"

1 résultat : Z-EXCH Echanges


  • CALF Quartier EXCH

Select [Zone d'urbanisme] Where [Niveau d'urbanisme] = "Quartier" And [Nom court] Like "Z-EXCH#"

5 résultats :           ZF-EXCH-Banques




                               Z-EXCH-Partenaires non bancaires

  • CALF Bloc EXCH

Select [Zone d'urbanisme] Where [Niveau d'urbanisme] = "Bloc" And [Nom] Like "#Z-EXCH#"

4 résultats            BF-Envoi Clients

                               BF-Envoi Fournisseurs

                               BF-Réception Clients

                               BF-Réception Fournisseurs


I then created all the MetaPictures like in the attached file.


I’m not too sure about the condition and how it works. I checked for information on this but couldn’t find any.

I figured the query is executed and all the results (so value = AnyObject ?) are assigned the MetaPicture, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

When I open I diagram (cf. attached file), all the areas, whatever their level and whatever area they belong to have the shape defined for the 1st MetaPicture in the list associated with DiagramTypeObjet SHARED City Planning Area (CALF Bloc CIAL)

Can you see what I am doing wrong ? Thanks for your help.

Best regards,



Hello Aoife,


it seems all your queries miss the variable on the city planning area : "name = &name"


For example, your last query should be :

Select [Zone d'urbanisme] Where [Nom] = &Name And [Niveau d'urbanisme] = "Bloc" And [Nom] Like "#Z-EXCH#"


If you do not do this, the result of your query will be the same for any City Planning Area (and therefore, as you noticed,  you will have the same shape every time :-).


Thanks, I had forgottten that bit !

Everything seems ok now.

Just two final questions :


What's the difference between AnyObject / OneObject in the Value list ?


This one is a bit more general,


How do I go about having the "appliquer les polices par défaut" option ticked by default for my shapes ?

For now, I have to choose object in my diagramme, choose "Formes et détails"' and tick off this option manually (cf. attached file) - a bit time-consuming !


 Thanks again for your help



In your case it make no difference since - because of the "name = &name" - you will never have more than one object.


I guess than in some cases you might want to distinguish the "=1" case from the ">=1" 🙂


Concerning the "appliquer les polices par défaut" question, normally, your font should already be the right one (except if you modified it manually.)


In any cases, you can simply reapply this setting to all the shapes of your diagram by selecting all (CTRL + A) and then "right clic > Formes et détails > uncheck Appliquer les polices par défaut"


At least you will be able to do it diagram by diagram and not shape by shape 😉


Great, thanks a million for your patience !