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Conditions on property

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Conditions on property


I am creating a website for my business processes. I want to show a table of the evaluation of the process

(This is a series of features of the organizational process)

I would like that the Evaluation only appears when the first characteristics is not Null.

My problem is that I don't know how to put a condition on the charateristic.

If it is Null i would like to make a message appear .

I've tried this:


[If="[Spécification \ BA] ='0'"] // [If="[Spécification \ BA] Is null"]

<p> bla bla bla</p>



[If="[Spécification \ BA] Not ='0'"]  // [If="[Spécification \ BA] Is not null"]
<h2 class="gauche"> Evaluations</h2>
[Property="Spécification \ BA"/]




how can I have this condition?

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Hello DEB, Even if the synthax is existing inside the text description, a solution is to create a group / a branch with an ERQL condition that is more easy to handle. Then there are two branches with a basic text to display data ... Regards,
Lionel Mazurié
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Thank you Imazurie,


I've juste found this morning a solution with the buffer. It goes in the way you suggest me.


I have done it like that:


[Component="Acteur responsable"]

[Buffer=TestP] \\ Création du buffer


[Buffer=TestP Set] \\ Initialisation du buffer Comme la propriété qui suit

[ComponentProperty="Correspondant métier"/]

[/Buffer] \\ Fin du Buffer

[If="Buffer(TestP) = 'Oui'"]\\ Test sur la valeur du buffer

[ComponentProperty="Nom court" Target="_self" Link=Out/]<br>


[/Buffer] \\ Fin du Buffer *réinitialisé*




Thank you very much



Benjamin Décaillet