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Capability Maps

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Capability Maps

Hi! im still learing to use mega and im going to start making a capability map/model in Mega and i have a questions on how to represent it? what objects can i use or work the best? do i use city maps to contain the upper levels? cause i dont know if there is another object for grouping. or what diagram do i create? cause i dont see any capability object.


Here is an example of a capability model:


Also im using Mega hopex V1R3 dont know if this is important


Thank you for all the help!


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It depends on what you want to represent. 


Capability in MEGA is there to reprensent Business Capabilty, and BTW this object is now central in MEGA HOPEX V2 in the Business Architecture solution.

CIty Plan is more IT focused, and allows you to represent and classify IT functionalities.




Thanks Yannick for the info. I wonder if Hopex V2 Capability Map can produce a model like the example I show in the attached image. In this model, it is shown the Capability descomposition but also the Business Objectives they support and the level of health associated to the Business Objectives.