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Business Process Map meta-class


Business Process Map meta-class

Hi Mega I would like to make the case for a Business Process Map meta-class. In the same way that you have created a Business Capability Map meta-class. Currently in order to create a Process Landscape, one has to create a Business Process and essentially name that Business Process object as "landscape or overview". The only trouble is that in our federated organisation we have numerous landscapes per business area, and querying Business Processes and filtering the "landscapes" based on their naming is not the best way. To get around this we have added an attribute on the Business Process to essentially "tag" the meta-class as having the type "Landscape.


We had the same challenge with the Business Capability meta-class  in Mega HOPEX a few years ago, but you solved it by adding a separate "Map" meta-call for Business Capabilites.


Any chance you could do the same for Business Processes? 

Francis Bell
Enterprise Architect, Business & Information Architecture

+45 3033 5543 |
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From a method viewpoint, it is a good idea to have a dedicate “top level concept” for process maps. This shall apply for value-streams, organizational processes and system processes.

It nicely fits with the existing “Top level Maps” available in HOPEX on Capabilities, Systems and Information.
We are currently looking at introducing such a feature. 
On your side, what additional value would you see by adding this feature?