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Business Objects modelled in MEGA

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Business Objects modelled in MEGA



I am searching for a documentation or help concerning modelling business objects in MEGA. 

So consider a process diagram. Business Objects are the objects containing the information of said process. I tried to model it with attached content to message/sequence flows. However there are some things I do not quite understand or which throw nasty red crosses (errors) at me:


1) Information coming from outside a pool/process has to be modeled by a MESSAGE flow. the content attached to the message flow is a "message". Now inside the process the contetn is interpreted as a data object and indeed I can not attach the content object I have used before. (so example the business object "geometry information" coming from a detail design process into the simulation process exists at least 2 times , once as a a "message" content on hte message flow and once on the sequence flow as a data object (which in itself is not correct as it is a business object and can be represented as multiple data objects, but ... anyway I disgress)


2) Boundary events like Error are always catching events. However if I attach content to the sequence flow (the Error information) then they are sending a message and are "throwing"...


These are 2 excamples of the discrepancies I have encountered so far. All the documentation I have seen (here on the side and elsewhere) does NOT include examples with content. MAybe I have not found it, or have not looked in the correct places.

OR the whole method is wrong. 

In this case I would like to have some pointers I can give to the next mega trainer I encounter 🙂 (soonish)


Thanks and best regards


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