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Best Practice for rendering BizTalk adapters within Mega


Best Practice for rendering BizTalk adapters within Mega

We are trying to model the components of BizTalk within Mega.  BizTalk is clearly a middleware application, but we are unsure how to best include the specific BizTalk adapters within a diagram.  Are these just a type of application, or something else?

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Hello Mega-Seagate



Maybe you can use the Interaction overview Diagram as it is described as below in MEGA. You can Model this on the application level.


Interaction Overview Diagram
Interaction Overview Diagrams define interactions through a variant of activity diagrams in a way that promotes overview of the control flow. They focus on the overview of the flow of control where the nodes are interactions or interaction uses.
The interaction overview diagram describes sequences possible between scenarios previously identified in the form of sequence diagrams.