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BPMN: Process Task Types

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BPMN: Process Task Types

Hi MEGA Community


I am currently designing some organizational processes with MEGA Hopex V1R2 CP06 using BPMN.

I was looking to assign a certain "type" to a given operation/task in MEGA, e.g. <Send Letter> is a manual task, whereas <Merge Data> would be an automated service task.


Is there any way to assign a type to a given task/opreation with MEGA? 

Eventually, I was hoping to have the type displayed in the process diagram, so that you can see whether a task is performed manually or automatically, i.e. little icons displayed on the task/operation like this:



Any feedback appreciated,

- Palmetto


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MEGA Partner

Operations has a Task Type attribute you can set, and this will also add the icon in the shape.


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hsoegaard, thank you very much!