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Architecture decisions representation and links


Architecture decisions representation and links

With a formal governance board and documented decisions it would be useful to include these within MEGA with links to designs. How are these best represented in MEGA, should they be documented as standards, requirements or something else? Do you import (or copy and paste) the decisions or just link out to a file based repository?

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Re: Architecture decisions representation and links

Hello, did you found any solution for your question ? I have the same one. 


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Does Mega Suite have architecture governance features?

On Mega International LinkedIn page they mention "We have developed a unique set of enterprise governance software".

- Where could I find overview information what this contains?

- How is it related to Cobit framework? 


I actually have sent this question to Mega University manager via LInkedIn, but he has not replied yet.


Does any of you (the community members) know the answer?


Re: Architecture decisions representation and links

No response or help from MEGA on this so far.

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Re: Architecture decisions representation and links



We created a custom "Finding" MetaClass, that could be assigned to different objects in the repository, like an Application, or a Project, based on the context. Custom MetaAttributes allow us to capture the type/source of the finding, data, expected resolution date, etc.

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Re: Architecture decisions representation and links

Hello all,


We have worked at MEGA to be able to provide a global Architecture Framework, embedding:

  • EA Definition : Metamodel, Diagrams, …
  • Guidelines, techniques ..
  • Architecture Work Products : Building blocks, application, processes
  • Governance Repository : Workflows, Assessment, EA organization skills ..


Please find below a global view of this framework.


I believe that your question is in regard to EA Governance Repository that is today included in MEGA HOPEX.

We provide :

  • EA Organization description : Who is responsible for what ? who takes the decisions ?
  • Decision log : A forum is available on each object, or links can be made for each objects to document which decision have been taken on an object.
  • Assessment : Mains objects can be assessed
  • Workflows : 2 standard workflows are available with the collaborative package : RFC and validation. Request for Change can be used to track decision on an object.
  • Architecture project : Project can be described in MEGA (Based on TOGAF 9 if needed)
  • Enterprise Concerns and Drivers : Drivers of change can be described at a higher level  (What kind of drivers will influence the decision I will take ?)


All these mechanism are standard in HOPEX, as we also have a focus on the governance repository.

Specifically for your request,

  1. the Forum could be used to track a decision or a change on an object.
  2. Request for change object can be created on object and documented the changes made on an object.


All these mechanism are of course linked to every object, so the link to the object is made automatically.



EA governance.jpg 









Best regards,


Re: Architecture decisions representation and links

That sounds great. How do we get started to use it. Is there any documentation, what version of the product does it apply to and are there any online tutorials.