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Application Tree usage

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Application Tree usage

Hello all,


I am new at Mega. I'am currently modelling some application structures using the Architecture module:


Could someone explain the difference between the two folloing relationships between 2 Application elements ?

- Application within Internal Architecture (dashed line representation)

- Component (plain line)


On the other hand I am also using the System Oriented IT Architecture module which offers the Structure diagram (with frames and service/request points). As far as I can see both approaches (Mega Architecture and Mega System Oriented IT Architecture) do not seem to be consistent to each other. Are they intented to work together ?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Ismael,


From my understanding:

- "component" applications are sub-application that "belong" to the parent application, i.e. they can't exist outside of the parent application

- "Application within internal Architecture" represents "shared" applications, i.e. applications used by another application, but that can exist outised of the using application.


Personally I've found the Application Tree diagram to be a bit limited in usefulness, since it really only shows a static breakdown of the application, without showing the inner workings of it.


As far as MEGA Architecture and SOIA working together: to an extent, you can reuse the same components you defined in the MEGA Architecture models in the SOIA structure models. There is a "post-2009 Architecture" mode in MEGA Architecture, where you're essentially using the same types of diagrams (Structure Diagrams) to describe applications.


Hope this helps.




Hi Philippe,


thanks for your answer, it is much clear now regarding the distinction of the two relationships.


My expectation for the Application Tree was to depict the breakdown of applications created by using SOIA module; that is, I expected to see in a tree representation what application is used inside what application, i.e relationsip between Applications and Application Components. That seems to not work.


The Application tree however seems to work well when defining an application breakdown throught the Internal Architcture Diagram since any change in the tree is reflected in the navigation window.


In any case, I think will not use the Application Tree along with SOIA for my purposes