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Aggregated status and abstract MetaClass "Monitored Object".


Aggregated status and abstract MetaClass "Monitored Object".



I noticed the "AGGREGATE STATUS " attribute on many properties pages of objects (V1R2 CP10)


The MEGA support told me that "MonitoredObject.Monitoring" is part of the abstract MetaClass "Monitored Object".

Can you tell me the usage made of this abstract Metaclass. I haven't found it in the documentation and I have also explored the MetaModel without any clue.





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Re: Aggregated status and abstract MetaClass "Monitored Object".

The abstract metamodel offers the possibility of managing the notion of inheritance for MetaClasses and MetaAssociations. This enables a significant reduction in the number of MetaAssociations. An abstract MetaClass is a MetaClass that does not have a concrete occurrence. It enables definition of common attributes to MetaClasses that inherit these. When a concrete MetaClass inherits an abstract MetaClass, it inherits: • MetaAttributes Example: MetaAttributes of the"BPMN Activity" MetaClass are: "Predicate", "Loop", "Ad hoc", "Multiple", etc. • MetaAssociations, Example: the MetaAssociation inherited from the "Elementwith Note" MetaClass is: (Note Element/note) enabling linking of a Note object with an "Element with Note". • Properties pages (MetaPropertyPage). • Menu commands (MetaCommand).