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Adding additional information to be displayed for an object in a given diagram type


Adding additional information to be displayed for an object in a given diagram type



We have created a MetaAssociation between the MetaClass "Message" and a newly created MetaClass "CALF Protocole utilisé".

We now want to be able to display the value of  "CALF Protocole utilisé" for a given message on the Technical Infrastructure Daigram.

The process : choose the DiagramTypeObjet (TAD MESSAGE) - tab Champs(Fields) - add a field - add the property where property is a MetaAtttribute of the Object works fine, I have already tested this.

When I follow the same procedure (cf. screen shots in attached file) with a MetaAssociationEnd instead of a MetAttribute, it doesn't seem to work.

Is there an extra step to be done in this case for the AssociationEnd value to be a field to be displayed for the messages in the Technical Infrastructure Diagram ?

Thanks to anyone who has an idea on the subject - I'm beginning to tear my hair out here !


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Hello Aoife,


If I were you, I would not use a DiagramTypeProperty but a DiagramTypeCollection.

Create your DiagramTypeCollection (in the "Collections" tab of your DiagramTypeField)

Then you create a DiagramTypePopulating (you can create it via the "Caracteristics" tab of your DiagramTypeCollection, and you associate your new DiagramTypePopulating to the desired MetaAssociationEnd ("CALF Protocole utilisé" in your case).

You then create a new DiagramTypeField (via the "DiagramTypeCollectionItem" AssociationEnd of your DiagramTypePopulating), and you link it to the "name" metaAttribute.


--> see join document for screenshots of the different steps.


And do not forgot to add a &Protocole& Field to your shape (mgs file)









Thanks for your suggestion. I'll give it a try on Monday and let you know how I get on.



Thanks very much Lionel, your solution works perfectly.